The Student Journal of Scriptural Reasoning

Volume 1, No. 1 — October 2006

The Relationships of Scriptural Reasoning:
Readings of the Biblical and Qur'anic Joseph Stories

Leah Angell Sievers

Associate Editors
Laura Eve Engel
Caitlin Golden

The Relationships of Scriptural Reasoning
Caitlin Golden, University of Virginia

The Human-God Relationship in the Qur'anic Story of Joseph
Asma Hamid, University of Virginia

The Agency of God: A Reading of Joseph
Amanda Huffman, University of Virginia

Sight, Obligation, and Forgiveness in the Joseph Text
Michael Kelley Shepherd, Jr., University of Virginia

The Story of Joseph: A Partial Paradigm of Conflict Resolution
Dennis Beck-Berman, University of Virginia

Caitlin Golden, University of Virginia

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