Existing Centers

University of Virginia Biblical Reasoning Group

Initiated in 2007, this is an on-going community fellowship for Christian Biblical reasoning and study, based at the University of Virginia, meeting off-grounds at the Center for Christian Study. It is coordinated by Jacob Goodson and sponsored by Splintered Light Bookstore. The group meets weekly to discuss history of interpretations, through commentaries and other sources, on Matthew's Gospel. The group also discusses "theory" books on hermeneutics, historical-criticism, and theological exegesis. If you are interested in joining this group or to find out more information about what they do, please send an enquiry to goodson @ virginia.edu.

St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace


Scriptural Reasoning page: http://www.stethelburgas.org/sr.htm

St Ethelburga's is a unique meeting space in the heart of the City of London devoted to exploring the relationship between faith and conflict by: a) bringing people together to share experience and learning about the role of faith in situations of conflict, and b) developing practical ways of assisting individuals and communities to use their faith to transform situations of conflict.

The Cambridge Interfaith Programme, Cambridge University


Focuses on the core identities of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the contemporary world, approached through their interpretation of scriptures, and their traditions of representation and art. At the heart of the vision of Cambridge Interfaith Programme is the creation in Cambridge and elsewhere of a new collegiality between the Abrahamic faiths.

The Society for Biblical Reasoning

Initiated in 2001, this is an on-going faculty fellowship for Christian Biblical study and reasoning, based at Cambridge University. Coordinators include David Ford, and Ben Quash. The group meets regularly.