The Children of Abraham Institute

The Children of Abraham Institute ("CHAI") is dedicated to bringing indigenous religious interests back on the map as essential components of peace negotiations between peoples with a history of intense religiosity. The Institute focuses specifically on the three Abrahamic Religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - and on the conflicts that divide peoples who otherwise share allegiance to the same God. The most urgent of these conflicts are, of course, violent ones, but CHAI also focuses on non-violent but socially significant political disagreements among religious groups.

To learn more about the overall work and structure of the Children of Abraham Instutute, visit the links under The Institute. To read about the work being done in existing CHAI Centers, or information about starting a new center, visit the CHAI Centers links.

Also be sure to visit the site of The Student Journal of Scriptural Reasoning. This journal, written and edited by undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Virginia, highlights reading- and reasoning-in-dialogue among scholars of the three Abrahamic traditions.