The Student Journal of Scriptural Reasoning

Volume 1, No. 3 — September 2007

The Signs and Wonders in the Land of Egypt: Exodus 7-12

Leah Angell Sievers

Associate Editors
Laura Eve Engel
Caitlin Golden
Emily Gravett

Scriptural Reasoning and the Garden of Eden
Andrew Gardner, University of Virginia

The Wickedness of Egypt: Spiritual Slavery in the Land of Pharaoh
Daniel Crane, University of Virginia

PharaohÂ’s Hardened Heart: Vengeance and Redemption in the Story of Exodus
Daniel Harris, University of Virginia

Unity in Thankfulness: The Establishment of Israelite Peoplehood
Jessica Kirzner, University of Virginia

Moses, a god to Pharaoh
Ben Parziale, University of Virginia

Conclusion: Methods of Scriptural Reasoning
Andrew Gardner, University of Virginia

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